Resultados Legislativas 2009 - Lisboa (distrito)

Election calculus simulator based on the modified D'Hondt method

Calculator developed according to the D'Hondt method by Isaac Roca for ICON.

Data input

PS: 417542

PSD: 288554

CDS: 126088

BE: 124244

PCP-PEV: 114119

PCTP/MRPP: 10001

MEP: 8974

PNR: 4542

MMS: 4468

PPM: 3218

MPT-P.H.: 2982

PTP: 1726

POUS: 849

There are seats to assign.

Optional fields

To gain representation a party must have (at least) a % of the votes.

The electoral roll registers people. [abstention calculus]

Blank: votes.   Spoilt: votes.



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